“Good morning Birds!”

"Mama, please remind me to say, 'Good Morning' to the birds tomorrow." - Penelope, age 5 Our Window Bird Feeder was one of the best $6 spent last year.  When the first signs of Spring arrived in our neck of the woods in upstate NY, Penelope started inquiring about The Burgess Bird Book for Children.  I love that [...]

A Flower Puzzle

With Spring here (and around the corner because we live in upstate NY), spring related topics naturally pop up in conversation and in play.  Penelope has been asking questions like, "When will the tulips bloom?" "Is Spring here yet or not?" The Reggio Emilia Approach values these questions and observes children as they play, as well [...]

Alphabet as Materials

My heart feels lighter the moment I hear, "THIS is the library I was talking about!" as a beaming 4 year old skips into the library entrance.  My biggest Take-Away from my Masters in Literacy program was to instill a love and passion for reading, for that is the foundation to creating a lifelong Reader. How this [...]