Week 2 of Honor the Child, Honor the Process Challenge!

In honor of Everleigh turning 2 this beautiful month of May I am giving away this book:

First Art

Children older than two can also participate in the challenge! My five year old is getting a lot of out of these open-ended art experiences as well. To win this book please do the following:

  1. Try out any idea or recipe from this book.  I take pictures of some pages and post them on the blog.  Last week we tried mixing liquid starch and tempera paint one day and another day we mixed cornstarch, water and food coloring.  This week there are more ideas posted below!
  2. Take a photo of your experience and use the hashtag #processnotproductchallenge2017 on Instagram.
  3. Most important, HAVE FUN!

That’s it! ANY effort is acceptable!  As long as the experience is open-ended and focuses on the process, you’re good! You can also do last week’s examples instead of this week’s! It really doesn’t matter. I just want to give away this book to anyone who is willing to try any open-ended art experience with their child(ren).  Let me know what you try by posting on Instagram with the #processnotproductchallenge2017 hashtag.  Here’s this week’s suggestions:

I did this one when Penelope was younger.  If the sun pops out this week and it warms up a bit, I’m hoping to try it again.  I wonder how my older daughter with her vivid imagination and robust language would respond to painting water outside now?  I wonder how my almost two year old with her developing language, phrases and short sentences will respond? Will she follow her older sister’s lead or marvel at the individual path she creates? 
I’ve never made a paint bag with either girls yet. So this looks like a fun indoor process art experience to try! Will you try it too? Or a different one?
On Friday we used air dry clay, some clay tools and tiles to create.

Best of luck!

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