Honor The Process Honor The Child Challenge! #processnotproductchallenge2017


In honor of my baby girl turning TWO years old this month, I’m having a GIVEAWAY! I’m going to give away a copy of MaryAnn F. Kohl’s book, First Art for Toddlers and Twos: Open-Ended Art Experiences. 

First Art

Here’s the CHALLENGE: Each week I will post an open-ended art experience(s) from pages of the book to try out with your little one(s). (I also have a five year old and these are also very appropriate experiences for her as well). Every time you join me in trying out an art experience, please do the following: (Please note: You don’t have to do exactly what we do, just try a recipe or suggestion from the book pages I share for the week).

  1. Take a photograph of the experience.
  2. Post your photo in Instagram with #processnotproductchallenge2017
  3. Have fun!

That’s it! The more you post, the more times you’ll be entered in a Random Name Generator online.  This challenge is for the month of May so on June 1st, I will be drawing a name for the winner!

It’s the Process, Not the Product

Toddlers and twos explore art as a learning experience or an experiment, discovering what is stimulating and interesting.  They are more interested in doing art rather than making a finished product.  During the process, toddlers and twos discover their own independence as well as the mystery of combinations, the joy of exploration, the delight of creating, and the frustration of challenges– all important pieces in the puzzle of learning.  Whatever the resulting artwork–whatever it is a bright, sticky glob or a gallery-worthy masterpiece–to a toddler or two-year-old, it is only the result of “doing art,” not the reason for doing art. -p.10

Challenge for Week of May 1st-6th 2017:


We chose the “Easiest Fingerpaint” and decided to do it outside on a gorgeous sunny day using a plexiglass screen.




Penelope loved swirling the paint all over the place
Everleigh was much more cautious and slowly eased into glopping the paint on the board.





Penelope realized the paint could splatter on the driveway next! She loved the designs she could make just by dripping it all around!
Then she wanted to use a stick to “draw” with the paint.

After this, the girls started to paint on the other side of the plexiglass.  Penelope originally thought she was covering up a painting, but then was surprised to find it still on the other side! We talked about why that might have happened and how it caused an illusion.

After all our painting fun, I put soap and water in our water table for the girls to rinse off in.  We changed our clothes and all the paint washed out of their clothes too!

When you participate in the challenge, you don’t need to document as much as I am! Just the simple photo and hashtag will do! Good luck!

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