The Mystery of the Red Balloon

On our way home from an errand, Penelope looks out the back carseat window and yells, “MAMA THERE’S A RED BALLOON IN THE SKY!”

The girls talk about the balloon all the way home.

“Whose balloon was it?”

“How did it get in the sky?”

When we get home I ask them, “Do you want to write a story about this balloon?”

A resounding “YES!” is the response.

We wrote it together and Penelope did her own illustrations and words.

The Mystery of the Red Balloon

One day I saw a red balloon flying in the blue sky. “Whose balloon is that?” I wondered. 

Maybe it could be our balloon… 

I wonder if it could be Papa’s, Mama’s or Everleigh’s from their last birthday?

The balloon kept floating gracefully away.  Higher and higher it flew.

It never came back down.

Was it a “Welcome Home To The World Baby Balloon?” 

Yes, it must be that kind of balloon because baby Nova was just born.

Baby Nova is our girl’s first cousin born this month.  My heart melted when Penelope came up with the ending of this story.  Everleigh confirmed by saying, “Baby Nova” with a big smile. So there you have it, someone’s lost balloon became our story and reminded us of the love we have for our new baby cousin.

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