What now? Be inspired. Be joyful.

We had a baby in May! Welcoming baby Everleigh has been a joyful experience for our family every single day. Penelope has been learning what it means to be a big sister… What it means to be living with this other tiny human who acts MUCH different from the rest of us!  Can I tell you, in all seriousness that a baby is the coolest provocation in itself! The questions, the wonderments, the awe, the revelations and the connections Penelope has made from Everleigh’s existence has been awesome to witness.

For example, I made a pregnancy photo book of both girls where it ends with pictures from their birth.  Penelope loved reading Everleigh her book to show her when she was born.  So precious!


“Look Baby! This is Mama pregnant. You are in her belly…. And now you are BORN!!!”


Due to the natural adjustments of having a baby, we took a break from hosting our Reggio Emilia  homeschool group.  However, we meet with a play-based group outside the home a couple times a week.  In the home for the past 5 months has been a natural in depth study of baby Everleigh.

Sometimes when I look for inspiration for learning, I’m missing the moment.  To just be, just be in the moment is good enough for now….perhaps always…

When I pause to observe the moment and tune into my children’s interactions and behaviors, the inspiration is there, the joy begins to surface in my heart.

I’m learning. My “image of the child” is deepening and softening. Thinking “Reggio” is helping me be a more present and observant parent.

So this is what we’re mainly up to now: Falling in love with sweet baby Everleigh while growing and playing and living life together… Even if it means interrupted sleep and teething… Thankfully I have a husband who has great empathy and sees staying at home with young ones as “working double shifts!” 🙂

All in all, keep being inspired and may you know joy.  More posts coming soon!

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