How Do We Plan? What Resources Inspire Us?

In Reggio Emilia inspired environments, the source for direction comes from documentation and observation of the children.  This takes time and lots of patience–  Especially in the beginning because the children are developing friendships with one another, learning how to play among each other and how to communicate wants, needs and feelings.  There is a LOT of learning taking place in these life skills alone!!

Quick Note: I don’t mean to alarm any readers, but the importance of play is so great that it affects our society as a whole.   Did you know that there are lots of evidence-based research and scholarly journals published that state a direct correlation between investing in early childhood programs and a decrease in high school drop out rates and incarceration!? If you don’t believe me, check this out: Early Childhood Education.  So whether you Homeschool or not, it’s still important to recognize how deep the importance of play truly is… Academia cannot be separate from interacting with others and self regulation skills. It all begins with learning how to play… I’m trying to stop here on this topic because this alone can be another post! However, I think it’s directly related and important to mention when discussing curriculum (rather emergent curriculum & see here).

After a few months, we finally sat down to look at our notes and highlight any re-occurring themes.  Mind you, this was done while the children are playing around us so it was somewhat of a challenge… Also, it would be more ideal if we could talk about our observations more frequently.  But how else do you do this as a Stay-At-Home-Mom Homeschooler? Please post ideas if you have them!!

Here’s an example of one mother’s notes from our group: IMG_1185

As you can see, she color-coded her re-occurring themes.  Lovely neat example! However, our notes are never this neat on a daily basis.  We hand write them in notebooks.  This mom printed out her typed notes purposefully for this meeting.  Awesome right!?

Resources that Inspire Us/Resources That I Recommend For Your Journey:

I included links to where you can purchase the book.  Clicking on the picture should open a new tab.  81KX-a-v7lL 51wbwz1ccBL 51tue7XDsjL 51+0RQPd8FL 81tvSFzpqPL 51RrKN0d2ZL 511F-5Wyn7L

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