Getting Ready for our Trip to the Bakery!

The children start each day with free play and us moms do our best to record their dialogue and take pictures.  Here’s a glimpse of our day this morning and what our typical documentation may look like:

Camden: “I made a pineapple cookie and I used that.”

Miss Cori: “What’s that called?”

Camden: “A flower.”

Miss Cori: “Is it a flower cookie cutter?”

Camden: “Yes!”

IMG_1021 IMG_1022

Miss Cori: “What are you making?”

Cora: “A cookie.”

Miss Cori: “A cookie!”

Cora: “Yes, a cookie for you!”

IMG_1023 IMG_1024

Penelope: “I’m making a cake.” Penelope points to a cake picture. “And this is how you roll it.”


After observing some free play, we watched a virtual tour of Great Harvest Bakery from youtube:

As they watched, we asked them questions and commented on their responses….

“What do you see? What is she showing him?”

Camden: “Bread!”

Cora: “Play dough!”

Miss Cori: “It looks like play dough, but it’s bread dough!”

Lily: “He’s the baker.”

Miss Cori: “What is he wearing?”

Camden and Cora: “An apron and a hat.”

Miss Cori: “What is he making?”

All the children: “Cookies!”

Lily: “What’s a scone?”

Camden: “A coconut!”

Miss Maryana: “What’s he making?”

Cora: “Peanut butter!”

Lily: “He said Flour!”

Zai: “Dough!”

Camden: “Bread! Butter!”

The children seemed to enjoy the virtual tour as they made lively responses to our questions.  They also enjoyed recognizing familiar objects, while also not hesitating to ask questions about words or pictures they didn’t know.

Can’t wait to share our upcoming trip to the bakery with you!

Most homeschool days end with a good book.  The children love being read to, but also enjoy reading to themselves and/or each other.

IMG_1020 IMG_1029 IMG_1032

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